Amaechi’s hatred for Etche

Amaechi’s hatred for Etche


By Princewill Emejuru

Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi has practically shown and proven to hate Etche people, he doest like anything that will be of benefit to Etche people.

The recent suspension of Chief Alwell Onyeso the only strong voice of the Etche in APC from the APC is a confirmation of the Amaechi hatred for Etche.

Recall that the two major roads that lead Etche in and out of Etche to Port Harcourt were abandoned by Amaechi and used as a political campaign tools against the then Federal Government while he(Amaechi) was busy fixing federal roads in Ikwerre land.

Amaechi knowing that with Chief Onyesoh as the leader of APC in Etche will give the Etche people in APC the voice and momentum needed to ask for what rightly due them in their party APC used his surrogates in Etche APC to suspends Chief Alwell Onyesoh from the party and plant his ( Amaechi) stooge in the person of Hon. Ogbonna Nwuke.

This was how Amaechi tricked Etche people into believing that APC will give the senatorial ticket to Etche people that made them join him to APC only for him make a 360 degrees turn around and give the senatorial ticket to his kinsman Andrew Uchendu.

Amaechi knows he can not bend Chief Onyesoh same way he can bend Ogbonna just as he can not bend Senator Magnus Abe.

But Amaechi and his co travellers should know that Etche is better positioned and will pursue what is due them, Amaechi should go to Ikwerre and dictate what happens there and not Etche, a word is enough for the wise.