ARIK AIR and its unending flight delays

ARIK AIR and its unending flight delays


On Saturday 11th June 2016, I was among many victims of Arik Air passengers that waited for hours at the Local wing of Murtala Mohammed Airport Lagos waiting to board their various flights after series of delays.

I was supposed to join the 3pm flight from Lagos to Port Harcourt but ended up boarding the flight by 8.15pm Nigeria time due to what ARIK termed ”Operational delay”.

The passengers that booked 11am flight from Lagos to Uyo waited till 4.30pm before they board their plane. Same thing happened to passengers going to Abuja, Kano, Owerri and other destinations from Lagos.

This is what many Nigerians are passing through every day due to the inefficiency of the brand that supposed to be the national carrier.

Arik Air with all its promises have failed to improve on their standard despite all the money they are making from Nigerians. Loyal customers who choose the brand to patronize made in Nigeria products have made to suffer untold hardship from the airline operator.

I think it’s high time ARIK stopped dehumanizing Nigerians with their inefficiency. Many people have lost many opportunities ranging from meetings, appointments and different business lunch because of this frequent flight delays.

My candid advise to ARIK is to ply fewer routes than to schedule different flight without much efficiency.

I am so pained to see a world class company like ARIK performing below expectation.

This short note is not to ridicule the company but to task them to wake up from their slumber.

Ugochukwu Desmond is a Port Harcourt based journalist.