Alleged Victimization of workers: Bayer Hughes workers stage peaceful protest

Alleged Victimization of workers: Bayer Hughes workers stage peaceful protest


Workers of an oil servicing company at Trans Amadi Industrial Layout in Port Harcourt, Bayer Hughes have staged a peaceful protest over alleged victimization by their employers for joining oil workers union, PENGASSAN.

The workers claimed that the company threatened to sack them for joining PENGASSAN.

One of the leaders of the protesting workers and the financial secretary of PENGASSAN Bayer Hughes branch, Julius Onwuka described the working condition at the company as inhuman and unconducive for workers.

He said that Nigeria holds the largest market share in Africa and up until recent times met and surpassed all targets given.

Julius Onwuka stated that over 80% of the work force have been laid-off.

”As of today about 80% of the total work force has been laid-off and after years of successful service, Baker Hughes Incorporated believes it is fair and just to let go of their staff in such a manner (some were just recently walked out by security and ‘bouncers’ hired by the management) and this has caused the staff to feel demoralized, demotivated and undervalued”.

”We as a force believe it is high time that foreign companies stop exploiting the labour force, bullying their employees to accept their current situation knowing fully well they are breaking labour laws.”

”BHI claims to take health, safety, environment and security issues seriously, but has caused an employee to lose his life from high blood pressure shortly after receiving the so called redundancy letter. Another employee suffered a miscarriage just one day after being made redundant. Such payments cause people to go through unwarranted stress” he stated 

Following a meeting with Honorable minister for Labour and employment today, BHI has been ordered to allow its staff to unionize with immediate effect, and all recently laid-off staff should be called back immediately.