Buhari needs a competent economic team- Dr Uwaga

Buhari needs a competent economic team- Dr Uwaga


Former National President /Chairman Council of Nigeria Institute of Management NIM Dr Nelson Uwaga has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to assemble an economic team that will help him to revive the economy of the country.

Nelson Uwaga in an interview with newsdrummer.com stated that the call has become necessary due to the hard economic reality facing the nation.

The former NIM President said that assembling a team of experts with international reputation would give Nigerian economy a new direction.

He noted that investors would be confident to invest in Nigeria when respected financial experts are managing the economy.

Uwaga stated that NIM can also assist the economic managers by re-training them with modern management techniques. The former NIM President revealed that NIM has the highest aggregate number of good managers that will turnaround the economic fortunes of the country.

”When they ask us what is the contributions of NIM, we said that we have the greatest aggregate of good managers that will drive the economy of this country forward, economically, politically and otherwise because if you look at our code of ethics which we adhere to so very strictly, that’s why we say we are very special people because before we start any meeting we remind ourselves who we are, that as a professional manager you must not do that which is unethical and that includes corruption and all what that is plaguing the economy now, so we believe our members wherever they find themselves will be to give a good account of themselves and all what the country needs is good leadership, good managers, people who have the fear of God in them and people who adhere to the ethics of the institution.

”We believe that if government were to partner with us as an institute we will deliver on the mandate because we have good managers who have been trained over the years who are ready to revive the economy” he said.

Dr Uwaga also appealed to the President to tackle the numerous security challenges facing the nation stating that no investor will put his money in an insecure environment. He stated that Nigeria needs a peaceful atmosphere for businesses to thrive in the country.