GOT: Stark Family Reunion?

GOT: Stark Family Reunion?


With Arya finally heading North on Game of Thrones, one can’t help but feel as though a Stark family reunion is something of an inevitability.

Watching the little assassin learn that members of her family were actually still alive and well in Winterfell last week was perhaps a series high point for the character (Good news on Game of Thrones? Unheard of!) and, while there’s no guarantee she’ll actually make it all the way, the thought of Arya (Maisie Williams) laying eyes on Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Jon (Kit Harington) is already moving us to tears.

And don’t forget that Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) is closing in as well, armed with some pretty powerful knowledge about his half-brother.

But after the teary reunion, what would it be like for the Starks to all be in one place? Remember, these siblings haven’t seen each other for about seven years.

While Turner’s looking forward to the moment the characters do reunite (provided she hasn’t already filmed it and ain’t telling), she admitted that it might be a bit awkward.

“I mean, it would be so amazing for them to get back together. I think it would be really awkward because they haven’t seen each other for so long. How do you sit down and tell your sibling all that you’ve been through,” she told us when we caught up with her at San Diego Comic-Con.

“I think they’ve all changed so much over the course of seven years that it would almost be like meeting a stranger.”

While Hempstead Wright surprisingly told us he feared the moment might be “a bit disappointing,” he did share whose changes Bran would likely be more shocked by.
“Certainly, I think you could always see that Arya was going to go down this sort of road. Not necessarily a vicious assassin, but still that kind of spunky, kind of cool, nothing can stop her kind of character,” he said.

“I think Sansa, he’d be more shocked by. The fact that she was this prissy princess, seemingly an airhead, you know what I mean? And now she’s one of the most cunning and clever politicians in Westeros.” No argument here.