How to protect yourself on Cyber Monday

How to protect yourself on Cyber Monday


Even with the wave of customers hitting area stores, online shoppers are already setting records ahead of Cyber Monday.

According to Adobe, customers spend more than three billion dollars shopping online on Black Friday. That;s an increase of nearly 22% from last year.

The company suggests the increase in online sales shows customers’ desire to avoid wading through retail stores.

But, Cyber Monday can be confusing. With thousands of deals, it’s tricky figuring out if you got a rock-bottom deal.

And don’t let the adrenalin rush of clicking on a great deal lower your guard when it comes to safe shopping.

“Credit cards offer consumers more protections than a debit card,” says cybersecurity expert Mat Gangwer.

“You can refute transactions especially if they’re fraudulent,” he said. “It’s also not tied directly to your bank account, so if someone were to get that credit card information or that debit card information, they can’t drain your savings away from you.”

Gangwer says even if it’s an established recognized site, always check the browser bar to make sure the site is safe.

“There’s usually a lock to denote the site is safe, and you want to make sure that it is actually physically locked.

In most of the browsers, if it comes up red or if it doesn’t look like its locked that usually indicates that the site isn’t using a secure method to transfer your information.”

Also, be careful when downloading apps from unofficial sources. Those apps see seek permission to access your password or credit card info so they can trick you into making a purchase.