Jessica Simpson Returns to the Recording Studio 6 Years After Her Last...

Jessica Simpson Returns to the Recording Studio 6 Years After Her Last Album


Now this will be irresistible!

Jessica Simpson gave fans the ultimate tease late Wednesday when she shared black-and-white photos in the recording studio.

Six years after her last album, Happy Christmas, which was released in November 2010, Simpson seems to be indicating that she’ll give her fans a big treat sometime soon: new music.

The mom-of-two took several years off from the music industry to create a fashion empire—no big deal. She has an incredibly successful shoe line, clothing line, swimsuit line and even a handbag line.

No wonder she hasn’t had time to sneak back into the studio! In one picture Simpson is sitting next to legendary Linda Perry. In another photo Simpson rocks bare feet while curling up in a chair. “Studio vibin’,” she captioned the pic.

She recently spoke to the Huffington Post about her big return. “I’m back in the studio—I’ve been in the studio all week,” she admitted. “It’s been a very exciting time to rediscover music and I definitely have so much inspiration.

I’ve been in the music business for so long, and it’s interesting to see what I come up with as a mom and the perspective I have after all the records I have made and all the life situations I’ve been through. There’s a lot to talk about. There’s a lot to sing about. There’s a lot I feel like people will relate to.”

In September 2015, Simpson appeared on the Today show and opened up to Savannah Guthrie about her plans to reboot her music career after she finished renovating her home.

“That project is almost wrapped up. I maybe have, like, 3 more weeks until it’s done and I’m down in my basement recording. I’m sure my kids will completely take over,” the blond stunner revealed.

Although Simpson was best known at one point for her singing, she confessed that her children, Maxwell and Drew, haven’t seen that side of her. “Even Eric [Johnson], my husband, I recorded a Christmas album with him but he’s never really seen me on stage and do my thing that actually got me here now.”

“Is that something you hope to do again?” Guthrie asked, “Release an album and go on tour and play the crowds?”

“Yeah, absolutely,” Simpson replied. “That’s how I started and that’s always one of my biggest passions in the world. I love to use my voice.”