Should Buhari sack Solomon Dalung?

Should Buhari sack Solomon Dalung?


Dear readers, I hope my ink today has been “well spended”? Of course, I’m not making reference to any minister, even though I feel some ministers should not just be fired: they should be shot.

First, it was that we could win Olympic medals without training, because our paralympians, who did not undertake any special training and camping went to Rio and made a haul of medals.

The same Rio where we only got a bronze medal, courtesy of the Mikel Obi-led football Dream Team, because our athletes had little or no preparations for the games.

The minister and his government made sure that the Olympic team got no funds. Even the kits, which were paraded before Buhari in Abuja, ended up never getting to our athletes in Brazil.

Meanwhile, the minister did not miss his own flight to Brazil. He did not, like some athletes, have to fund his way to Rio, or take to the social media to beg for money for his upkeep there.

And, don’t forget, the first photo of the minister’s activities in Rio that we got to see was that of him queuing for food. Well, we accepted our fate.

But the minister was not through with us yet. The next thing we heard from him was that we (and other African countries) have no business going to the World Cup in Russia 2018, because we can’t win.

Next in line was his claim that we could not pay the Falcons (our all-conquering national women’s football team) their meagre stipends because nobody expected them to win. Haba! And he’s still at the job!

If he has language limitations in conveying his thoughts in English, why not say it in his mother tongue? Why say something one moment and the next moment claim that was not what you meant?

Well, now, he claims all the money he “spended” was well “spended.” Hmmm.

A comedian once said when you send your unintelligent child to a private school, he disgraces you privately, but when you send him to a public school, he disgraces you publicly.

If Buhari and APC had left this man (whose name I can’t mention) in his Plateau State village, he wouldn’t have had the chance to be publicly disgracing the party and its government.

I hope I have “spoke” (sorry, “spark”) well?

By Steve Nwosu