Simon Cowell Slams Zayn Malik

Simon Cowell Slams Zayn Malik


After news broke that Zayn Malik is creating a One Direction-inspired TV show, Simon Cowell revealed that he’s none-too-pleased with the former 1D crooner.

Cowell shared that he felt Zayn should’ve consulted him prior to signing on to the project. “I think he should have come to me with it, if I’m being honest with you,” he said. “Nothing surprises me any more.”

The new series, titled Boys, will follow the formation of a wildly successful boy band and the excitement—and intense pressure—that comes along with the success.

The show is being written by the creators of The CW’s Beauty and the Beast, Sherri Cooper Landsman and Jennifer Levin, and produced by Law & Order mastermind Dick Wolf and his wife Noelle Wolf.

Boys will take a page out of Empire’s book and release original music.

Zayn, 23, left 1D to launch his solo career and already has released an album, Mind of Mine, including singles “Like I Would” and “Pillowtalk.” Although he’s on his own, Cowell said that he wished the boy band members would come to him with their ideas.

“I just think they should come to me with these things,” Cowell said. “I do actually believe that when they’ve got these ideas, bearing in mind where we started, they should actually come to me.”

The 56-year-old former American Idol host said he felt that he deserved some of the credit for the band’s success, but he admires where they’re all going with their careers.

“I like everyone who’s got ambition but I’m not going to lie, there’s always part of me that thinks they should give it to me,” Cowell added.

There is no release date set for Boys, and no word whether Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan or Louis Tomlinson will have any say on content.