Yuletide: Marvin Yobana sues for peace in Rivers State

Yuletide: Marvin Yobana sues for peace in Rivers State


The former African Representative World Assembly of Youth Comrade Ambassador Marvin Yobana has urged the people of the state to emulate the humility, kindness, selflessness and the spirit of sacrifice shown by Christ Jesus while on earth.

Marvin Yobana in his Christmas goodwill message to the people of the state also enjoined them to work for the peace, unity and stability of Rivers State.

He noted that the season of Christmas is not just for merriment but for sober reflection.

He pointed out that as an international youth activist, he is very much aware of the situation the Nigerian youth ravaged by unemployment and economic hardship.

Ambassador Yobana urged the state government to especially focus on agriculture as a means of reducing unemployment and making the state self sufficient in food production.

The Ogoni born Activist and youth leader in his message further called on politicians to stop taking politics, especially elections, as a do or die affair.

Marvin Yobana noted that now that elections are over, politicians should embrace peace and work together for the development of their area and the state.

He warned that no development can take place in an atmosphere of discord and rancor.

Yobana finally wished all the youth and people of Rivers State a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.