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Join The Fight Against This Painful Condition


For a minute cast your mind back on the women in your life that you love and care about. It could be your mother, wife, daughter, sister, or even neighbors. Imagine if each day of their lives was a struggle because they constantly lived in excruciating pain and no pills really helped. You may be shuddering right now at the thought, maybe even thankful that they are doing okay. But sadly, it’s not the same for everyone.


Some people live in constant pain because of a condition called Endometriosis.
It has no cure.
 It can only be managed and its major symptoms are pain and infertility.
The ugly thing about Endometriosis is that many people suffer from it but do not even know. They mistake it for menstrual pain and just live with the effects of the condition. What’s worse is that help is available, but many are unaware of it.
We can alleviate the pain of Endometriosis in our society, first by creating awareness for it.
In order to achieve this, Endometriosis Support Group Nigeria (ESGN) has organized a walk to help raise awareness about this condition.
Please show your support for women who suffer from it by joining in this walk. Every step you take counts and will go a long way in changing a life.
The walk will take place in Lagos on the 5th of March, 2016.  Starting time is 7:00am. The walk route is from City Mall, Onikan through Awolowo Road to Nigerian Law School.
In addition to this, watch out for the sisters, I mean the women around you. If they have very painful periods, encourage them to go see a doctor to rule out Endometriosis. 
There is a saying “what you don’t know doesn’t kill you,” but ignorance about endometriosis can cause serious harm, the earlier it is detected, the better life will be for those affected.
For more information visit, www.endometriosis-sgn.org or call 0807460288, 08074343604
Register for the walk here: http://unbouncepages.com/endowalk-2016/

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