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Police finally hand Ese Oruru over to her mother, father says her abduction is mysterious

The Nigeria Police Force have finally handed over ‘abducted 14 year old girl Ese Oruru, to her mother. They are currently at the Inspector General of Police’s office where they will be addressed and thereafter taken to the airport for a 5pm flight from Abuja to Port Harcourt, en route Bayelsa State.

Meanwhile Ese’s father, Charles Oruru, believes her abduction is mysterious. He says he will be taking her to a church, particularly T.B Joshua’s church, for deliverance once she gets back home

“I know my children. I know when they come back from school and that they normally come back with other children. When they go to the market, they come back together with their mother. They don’t even go anywhere without telling the mother or myself. That is why I am saying it is not ordinary because how can a small girl of 13 years just run away from home without even any cloth except the one that is on her body? So it is not ordinary. When she comes back, I will take her to a church where they will pray for her so that she will become normal and apart from that continue her school”he said

Ese’s Elder brother, Kelvin Oruru, (pictured above) said Ese gave him utmost respect as a younger sister would and that while in school, Ese who is a member of the school’s Scripture Union, would come with some of their members to preach to him

“When she was around I was in SS3 and I was the school’s social prefect. Sometimes in their Scripture Union, she will follow her friends to come and be preaching to me to stop flogging students”he said

On allegations that Ese might have had an affair with Yinusa while he was in Bayelsa, Patricia, the eldest of the Oruru children (pictured above) said this wasn’t possible as their parents brought them up in a christian manner. She refuted claims that Ese ran away from home with Yinusa because she was being maltreated

“Ese was never maltreated. We have equal treatment in our house. We all do go to school. She went to school like the others”.

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