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We are tastic: Your perfect meal partner…


For the past weeks, everyone everywhere has been talking about the Lady with the Red Pot. Who exactly is she, where’s she coming from, what does she have to offer?Is your guess as good as ours? The lady with the red pot is Tastic. We are Tastic, your perfect meal partner. Tastic cooks perfectly every time. It is the perfect complement to delicious meal and healthy living.


There is no diet that will do what eating healthy does. Skip the diet.  EAT HEALTHY!! Tastic prides itself on the ability to engender trust and pride in every woman. We offer the balance every modern women desires by cooking perfectly without worries. 
Good Food is Good Mood! Here are some of our Products. You can find them in all your favourite retail outlets, markets, kiosk and everywhere.
·         TasticSpaghetti and Macaroni
·         Tastic Semolina
·         Tastic Whole Wheat meal
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