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The day Davido’s American home got raided


Davido may be a global superstar, but when the Nigerian muso moved into a posh neighbourhood in Atlanta, Georgia last year, he was raided on suspicion of being a suspected fraudster or drug dealer. Awks!

In a recent interview with US-based international music mag Fader, cover star Davido revealed that after he bought a house in the same Atlanta neighbourhood as US rapper Future, the home was raided by police.

Davido says that he paid for the home in cash, and the police suspected that he might have been a drug dealer or scammer.

“I guess a neighbor must have tried to snitch. They saw me and thought, ‘How did that African get here?’”

Davido tried to calm the situation by explaining that he was a musician.

“How do I explain to someone who’s never heard of me that I’m famous? I showed them all of my videos on YouTube. They loved it,” he told the magazine.

Davido is not the only Naija artist to have the popo come knocking for an official visit. Just two weeks ago, the home belonging to Nigerian duo P-Square was apparently on lockdown after they failed to settle their bill with a promoter

At least they know if they need a home, Davido has one in Atlanta…