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Maluma Sets Record on Instagram as First Male Latino Artist to Surpass 10 Million Followers


Clearly, we should all follow Maluma on Instagram!

The 22-year-old singer is breaking records and has become the first male Latino artist to have over 10 million followers on Instagram.

And if you follow the Colombian star, you could have been one of the lucky few that were featured in his celebratory posts.

He shared nine videos to honor the great accomplishment and included photos of his fans that follow his account.

He also has over 19 million fans on Facebook. That’s a lot of people!

Last week, the “Borro Cassette” singer had us cracking up when Marc Anthony hilariously fell for his Instagram trick…twice!

It all went down on Maluma‘s Instagram account, where the 47-year-old singer innocently posed for a picture. After two seconds, the Colombian star breaks the news to him that it’s a video. The two laughed and then Anthony poses again for a picture, although the camera is still rolling. We couldn’t stop laughing!

“Was it a video or photo? @marcanthony 1 time is fine but 2… haha,” the 22-year-old singer captioned the video.

It seems that the superstars were in the recording studio cooking up some musical magic with the help of singer and producer Maffio.

Maluma also reposted dubsmash videos created by his fans featuring his song “El Perdedor.” Even a couple of famous faces shared clips pretending to answer the phone, which is how the song begins.


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