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What Is Justin Bieber Thinking in This Photo?


Guys, we need to talk about this photo of Justin Bieber.

The “Sorry” singer kicked off his Purpose World Tour this week with a show in Seattle, and based on the photos, it looked like it was one hell of a show. He sang. He jumped. He danced. His blonde hair flowed freely like it didn’t have a care in the world. You know, tour stuff.

And then we stumbled across this particular photo that we can’t stop looking at. Join us, won’t you?

Justin Bieber

Justin BieberKevin Mazur/WireImage

The dead eyes. The bored expression. The beautiful dancer essentially thrusting her goodies up at his face side down. Have you ever seen someone look so annoyed while holding a sexy lady? Most likely, the photographer just snapped this pic at a weird time and Bieber was not actually blasé about holding a dancer upside down. But we still like to pretend that the 22-year-old is just so over his own performance.

Let’s look at the photo again! What do you think is going through Bieber’s mind during this precise moment? We have some ideas…

Justin BieberKevin Mazur/WireImage

“Did I leave my straightener on?”
“Damn it! I forgot to DVR How to Get Away With Murder.”
“I can’t believe Harry Styles is going to be in a real movie.”
Steve Avery is totally innocent.”
“Is that Selena? I can’t believe she came! Oh, wait. Just someone wearing a Selena Gomez mask. That’s weird…”
“I don’t care what my mom says. My blonde hair does not make me look like a character from Children of the Corn.”
“Must. Not. Drop. Dancer.”
“I knew Calvin and Taylor would make it. I just knew it.”
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…

Your turn! What do you think is on Bieber’s mind? Need more inspiration? Here’s the moment from another angle.

Justin Bieber

It almost looks like Justin is pissed off that the dancer is about to kick herself in the face. Either way, we salute you, beautiful, flexible red-headed dancer. And if we were holding you upside down, we’d definitely look more excited. Well, we’d probably be more panicked at the thought of dropping you. But the point is we’d have some emotion showing on our face.

C’mon, Justin! How about a smile next time?

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