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How to Pick the Best Ripped Jeans for Your Height


Not all jeans are created equal.

Ripped jeans, not of the DIY variety, will almost always look awkward if you’re too short or too tall for the “regular” styles. If you’re on the shorter side, a cool rip in the knee might hit you somewhere on your calf. If you’re tall, that knee rip might end up on your thigh. Both scenarios are all too common (read: the struggle is real), so consider celebrity stylist Jasmine Caccamo‘s advice when you’re making your next jean purchase.

Quick Tip: “A super-helpful tip to remember when buying distressed jeans is to pay attention to the actual rips,” stated the stylist. “To look leaner, find jeans with vertical rips rather than horizontal rips (because those will only widen your figure).”

Best Brands: “Some of my favorite shops for finding the best ripped jeans for your height are stores with multiple labels,” said the tastemaker. “Not all designers are going to fit the same, so the trick is to try on as many as possible and find what works for your body type. My go-to shops are Nasty Gal, Shopbop.com and Bloomingdale’s.”

The DIY Route: You know you best, so when all else fails, take matters into your own hands—literally. “There is nothing I love more than distressing my own jeans. It’s quick and easy if you have the right tools,” noted Jasmine. “Just take your favorite pair of jeans, a cheese grater and a pair of scissors and create magic! I like to check out sites like Pinterest or even mock the same rips as a coveted pair of jeans you’ve seen Kendall Jenner wearing.”

Once you’ve found your perfect pair (hopefully, you’ll find them here), keep the below style tips in mind.

If You’re Short: When it comes to jeans in general, “the best way to make [them] work for shorter ladies is to make sure the hem of the pant doesn’t hit the widest part of your calf,” said the style expert. “That will only make you look shorter. Pair them with sexy pumps or your favorite summer wedges for an effortless chic-ness all while giving the appearance of a taller, longer lengthened leg.”

If You’re Tall: Try high-waisted distressed denim on for size and wear them lower until the hemline is at your ankle or just above (cropped is in!). Those knee rips might just hit you where they’re supposed after all. “When you find the perfect pair, slip on some flats and you’re ready to go,” noted the pro.

Note: If where you’re shopping has a petite and tall section or petite and tall sizes, head their first and check out their selection.

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