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Couple Got Engaged During Adele’s Concert in London


As if Adele‘s music enough wasn’t enough to get us emotional, now we get marriage proposals!

During a performance at London’s O2 arena Tuesday night, the Grammy winner noticed a bit of commotion while she sang her hit single “Make You Feel My Love.”

With lights flashing from the audience, the singer couldn’t help but ask herself what was all the fuss about? After discovering a couple was getting engaged, Adele couldn’t help but celebrate.

“Come up here you two,” she shared before her song was even complete. “Are they coming? Did you just get engaged? Oh god! I thought there was a fight at first.”

What came next was a hilarious impromptu interview where the couple revealed that “Make You Feel My Love” was “our song.” They have one child together and they’ve been together for 12 strong years.

“Congratulations. I’m so happy for you. So you’ve been going out longer than I’ve been making music,” Adele joked as the bride-to-be flashed her ring on the big screen. “That was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed at one of my shows. Thank you so much for doing that.”

This isn’t the first—nor will it likely be the last—time a special surprise happened during Adele’s world tour. When kicking off her sold-out shows, Adele helped one fan redo her proposal in the spirit of Leap Day.

The next day, she spared a few hours to surprise a terminally ill 12-year-old girl in her bedroom where they enjoyed a lengthy meeting.

Adele later gifted the family with tickets to her concert that evening as her guests. While the young fan was not well enough to attend, the gesture did not go unnoticed.

With generous acts like these, we can’t wait to say “Hello” to Adele when she hits the states beginning in July.

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