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Jennifer Lopez Thinks Sexting Is a No-No


Even if Jennifer Lopez is “into you,” she probably won’t show you with a naughty text.

While appearing on Tuesday’s episode of Live With Kelly and Michael, the 46-year-old American Idol judge was tasked with a game of “JLo” or “JNo”—essentially, she had to reveal whether she liked or disliked certain things, like singing in the shower or man buns.

After she deemed carbs and surprise parties both “JLo,” she was asked to reveal her thoughts on the modern act of “sexting.” Spoiler alert: she’s not a fan.

“Dangerous,” she told the hosts. “I’m going to have to say JNo.”

Instead, Jenny from the Block uses her cell phone to sneak up on her 9-year-old twins, Max and Emme, while they’re asleep.

“Because I work and sometimes I come home after they’re asleep…I always tell them I check on you all through the night all the time and I guess that gives them some comfort,” she described.

However, the kids didn’t always believe their mom because they were asleep and couldn’t see her check up on them. Lopez knew just what to do.

“I started taking pictures of me with them in bed,” she explained. “In the morning I’m just like, ‘I was there!'”