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First Male Contraceptive Injection may launch soon


While women have pills, implants, injections and more options, other than condoms, the only other contraceptive for men is a vasectomy.

This may be changing soon as scientists have revealed a male contraceptive injection which may be available soon.

The injection is called Vasalgel. It is described as “non-hormonal and long-acting” and has been shown to block sperm for up to 12 months.

Clinical testing is planned to begin in 2016.

Dr Elaine Lissner, executive director of the Parsemus Foundation confirms that the shot consists of styrene-alt-maleic acid (SMA) that is dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide. Therefore, Vasalgel could be the first long-acting, non-hormonal, potentially reversible male contraceptive to reach market.

So fellas, with all the baby mama drama, will you be willing to try this?

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