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Dear husband, these 10 things will keep your wife with you; women love no 2 & 10 the most


When you talk of the things husband should do to keep their wives, the first thing you should consider is how he can satisfy her.

Happy couples do not make an effort to keep the relationship happy, rather, they take pleasure in keeping the relationship happy.

Love and relationship are a trial and error often times, but it takes experience and maturity to read the opposite sex better. Any good man wants you to be happy and if he cannot help you do that, it makes him unhappy.

But to help you out of your misery, Esther Odili has come up with things husbands can do to keep their relationship intact.

1. Understand her
If you want to please your woman, you need to start by understanding her and accepting her the way she is. Make her feel like she has a warm and special place in your mind and in your heart. Remember this might take some time, but with patience, you will get to know who she is and as well learn to make her become the woman you want her to be.

Because before marriage, she was trained by either her parents or guardian, but now that she is married, there might be some traits in her that do not tally with your expectations of her. You do not need to panic; all you need to do is train her to become your woman and not daddy’s girl.

2. Know her love language
Understand her love language, this will get your work half done. People want to be loved differently, understanding her love language will help you love her the right way. Her interpretation of love may be one who spends quality time with her or may be flooding her with gifts; you don’t love someone on your own terms but on theirs.

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3. Welcome her suggestions
In keeping your wife as a man, make her feel special when she is with you. Never make her feel like she’s an accessory you can choose to wear or not. Don’t take decisions on her behalf. In everything you do, seek her suggestions and when she gives it accept it and include it in whatever you set out to do; so you both will take the glory when you succeed. Women always fell unhappy and rejected when their husbands do not seek their consent on things that are important to them as a couple. So as a man and husband, let her know that her opinions matter to you.

4. Take the lead in her plans and goals in life
As a partner, learn to play an active role in your woman’s life. If she is having a hard time deciding on something, pay genuine attention to it. Carry out research on it. Find out all you can about it and help her make a good decision on it.

Take the lead in her plans and goals in life and when she asks you for help, give her your best. Reason together and come to an agreement on that issue bothering her. When you help your woman make up her mind, she will feel more protected and secure about her futuristic goals and she will be assured she can always count on you for anything. Try everything within your capacity to encourage her to grow and be a better version of herself.

5. Support and encourage her
Don’t stand in the way of her dreams or aspirations. Encourage and support your woman in all that concerns her. Support her aspirations and be the one she can rely on when she finds anything difficult to do. In trying times, encourage her with motivational words and assist her in anything she is lacking by offering a helping hand.

Don’t be the lazy man or one whose wife’s interest does not matter to him. Always put yourself in her shoes and try to do everything in your power to make her happy. Nurture her with words that will build her up and not break her down.

6. Be affectionate
Women love to be touched more than men. While some men feel awkward about holding hands or sharing an occasional hug, women desire the touch of a lover more as it makes them feel special.

Learn to make your wife feel loved by holding hands together, bathing together, kiss her without reason, tell her you love her always. Let her know you can’t keep your hands off her by cuddling her.

You don’t have to show your wife that you love her only in the bedroom, rather show her you love her at every opportunity you are together with her.

7. Be the spiritual leader in the home
Whenever it’s time for morning devotion or bedtime prayer, always take the lead in the spiritual affairs of the home. Pray along with them by leading the prayer session or the Bible study session, while she takes the praise and worship session.

Being spiritual does not mean to fight battles spiritually alone. It means to make your wife the helpmate while you take the front seat as you drive her into the things of God that concerns your home.

8. Participate in house chores
Take part in the house chores. Participate in the house chores by assisting her in the kitchen, fetch water, do the laundry, sometimes you can just tell her to lay on the bed, prepare breakfast and take it to her while she is still on the bed.

Don’t always act like the “Oga in the House kind of man”. When you act that way, it makes her feel like she’s enslaved to you. But when you assist her in the house chores, she will have a sense of belonging to her man.

9. Respect her
Your wife may love you, care for you and believes she’s lucky to have you, but she can still feel unhappy with you and this can affect your relationship with her. When you listen to what she has to say, it will make her know you have respect for her and her thoughts.

Taking part in house chores involves the creation of a peaceful and well-managed home environment. You and your wife may share household chores and other home responsibilities equally.

10. Satisfy her in bed
Satisfying a woman in bed is not an art. All it takes is a deeper understanding of your partner and her needs. As long as you put partners’ sexual needs ahead of yours, and remember to keep sex fresh, your sex life will stay exciting and alive for a long time. As you know, the most powerful sexual organs humans have are not in our underpants. They are in our heads.

More than anything else in your body, your brain plays the most important role in great sex. So, to truly have amazing sex and satisfy your woman in bed, you need to learn how to make her mind enjoy the things you do in bed.

Get this right, and she will surely be satisfied. Because sexual satisfaction depends on emotional intimacy. Keeping romance alive in marriage is crucial. And this is not just about making love, it is about giving love in everyday little acts of caring that shows your spouse how much he or she means to you.



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