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4 Things That Will Make You Enjoy This Weekend More


It’s here! Another weekend! Free time to relax and not have to wear a tie. Do you want to know the secrets to enjoying your Saturday and Sunday to its absolute fullest? We’ve got four things to consider doing so you enjoy this weekend more. (And spoiler alert: These ideas could actually apply to any day of the week)

1. Let go of something that’s been bothering you about your home that you can’t do anything about this weekend
Maybe because it’s something you physically can’t fix — like you’re in the middle of a renovation and a long way from finishing. Or maybe you just have a ton of social engagements (good for you!) and won’t be able to give your home a lot of DIY time. Whatever it is, let it go. Let go of feeling like you have to be working on it or worrying about it. In fact, physically write it down on a piece of paper and tuck it into a drawer. You don’t have to let it go forever, but letting go of it for a weekend will let you relax and enjoy your free time more.

2. Be actively grateful for what you have
After you’ve written down what you’re letting go for the weekend, flip to another sheet on that notepad to do some more writing, this time jotting down every darn thing that’s good that you’ve got going for you in your life. I advocate a practice like that to start each day, but the weekend’s are a good time to do it too, since you’re usually not rushing around trying to get ready for work. Remember this is about enjoying these two non-work, minimal-obligation days, so kick-start them by physically writing down all the ways your life rocks. It’ll make every fun thing you do this weekend feel even sweeter.
3. Play
Forget your chores for a minute. Forget that countdown timer ticking down until Monday comes and work-stress seeps back into your life. For a moment or two this weekend, let yourself have some completely free, unencumbered moments of total play. Put on your favorite songs and dance around your house like a maniac (though watch those flailing arms and legs if you live in a small space). Take your dog to the dog park and run alongside him, don’t just watch him have all the fun. Hop on your bike and just ride around like you used to when you were a kid. Trust us — you’ll find your creativity and enthusiasm for your life increase by allowing your brain these moments of rest. You’ll be refreshed and ready to take over Monday.
4. Don’t spend it in front of the TV
This is coming straight from someone who LOVES television (I seriously keep up with like 1000+ shows). But while vegging out in front of Netflix to unwind after a long day of work is a great way to brainlessly relax, try not spending any weekend time on it as an experiment. You just might find your weekend seems much longer than it usually does…
What are your tips and tricks to enjoying your precious weekend time more? You never know what idea you have might be a big help to someone else! Leave it in the comments below.