Home News Fuel Scarcity: Residents groan as fuel sells for N200 in Asaba

Fuel Scarcity: Residents groan as fuel sells for N200 in Asaba


Transport fares have doubled in Asaba following the continued scarcity of fuel and increase in the parallel market, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

Taxi drivers and commercial tricycle riders in the Delta capital have doubled their fares from N50 to N100 for a drop.

Mr Ekene Bright, a tricycle driver, told NAN that he doubled his fares because a litre of fuel in Asaba now cost N200 instead of N86.50.

Bright said that he would be operating at a loss if he continued to charge the normal fares, pointing out that he hired the tricycle and did not own it.

He told NAN that many commercial tricycle operators in Asaba rented them and had to double the fares in order to break even.

Another tricycle operator, Mr Fabian Chukwuka, said he was suspicious that the petrol in his vehicle was adulterated.

Chukwuka claimed that the brand of fuel available in fuel stations now burnt so easily unlike the brand he used to buy before the fuel scarcity.


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