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10 Game of Thrones theories to watch out for in series six as stars gather for world premiere


As the stars gathered in New York last night for the world premiere of the eagerly-awaited new series of Game of Thrones, some new theories about what’s in store have begun to emerge.

Guests at last night’s screening were threatened with being “boiled alive” by Lena Headey in character as Cersei Lanniser, and so far, many seem to have taken the threat seriously.

But fans should be prepared for the likely events that will take place across Westeros from April 24 so here are a few theories on what is predicted to be the bloodiest and most controversial season yet…

The Night’s Watch vs The Wildlings – Jon Snow is dead. We all know that and any speculation about him being resurrected can take a back seat for now because the Wildlings, several of whom have already breached the Wall, are going to be pretty angry when they learn that their ally was murdered by his own people.


The White Walkers vs, er, well, absolutely everybody – The phrase ‘Winter Is Coming’ has suggested a big freeze since season one and since that very memorable scene in Hardhome at the end of last season with the Night’s King, this could be the biggest threat to the Seven Kingdoms.

The Faith Militant versus the Crown – The Iron Throne is up for grabs this season with countless characters in the running to claim it as their own, but there’s a possibility there won’t be a throne if the High Sparrow and his followers overthrow King’s Landing’s royal court and upend Westeros’s political structure.

Cersei versus Margaery – Last season didn’t exactly end as these two powerful ladies had planned after they both found themselves behind bars – and it’s not looking good for one or even both of them to make it to the end of series 6, particularly with Cersei’s haunting declaration to choose violence in the weeks to come.

Greyjoy vs Greyjoy – This is looking like it could be the season for the Lords of the Iron Islands, which viewers haven’t visited since season 2, especially with the arrival of Euron Greyjoy, Balon’s brother, Theon’s uncle and a pirate with his Crow’s Eye on ruling the Iron Islands and beyond. Played by Danish actor Pilou Asbaek, Euron was banished by Balon so this could make for an interesting family reunion.

The Hound vs the Mountain – Viewers are still unsure of the fate of the Hound, aka Sandor Clegane, when Arya Stark left him for dead at the end of season four, but have been left guessing after actor Rory McCann was spotted on set. If he is still alive and kicking, what are the chances he will end up face-to-face with his brother Gregor, aka The Mountain?

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Tarly vs. Tarly – Fans cheered when the hapless but lovable Samwell Tarly legged it from the North with his beloved Gilly, but he’s not out of danger just yet, especially as he’s expected to be reunited with his cruel father Randyll Tarly, who once threatened to kill his own son. But Sam isn’t the scared and shy man he once was, making this father-son reunion one to look out for.

Melisandre vs. Davos – They weren’t exactly the best of friends to start with but once Davos learns that the Red Woman, as she is known, burned Shireen Baratheon alive, it’s not going to be pretty. Plus the fact season six’s opening episode is called The Red Woman suggests it’s all going to kick off pretty quickly.

Fans vs Jon Snow – Since last saw Jon Snow stabbed multiple times by his Watch brothers and collapse and die, speculation has been rife that this cannot be the end of him and he will be resurrected from the dead. Or will he? A storyline that will test the most patient of fans this season.

The books vs the TV show – Forget about the fictional characters and their many battles, one of the biggest ones with be between the die-hard lovers of the George R.R Martin books and those who have only ever watched the show, which is about to outpace the books for the first time. Will the book-first loyalists switch off and refuse to see major plot twists before Martin gets to them in his books?

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