Ugochukwu Iwuchukwu

The National Association of Nigerian Students NANS has called for the resignation of the Vice Chancellor of University of Port Harcourt Prof Ndowa Lale over the death of students during Monday’s protest.

UNIPORT students had on Monday 11 April, protested the hike in schools fee by the management of the institution.

The Special Adviser on Campus Mobilization National Association of Nigerian Students NANS Zone B, Nwala Chetam Thierry said the called for the resignation was necessary following the inability of the management of the institution to manage the protest that lead to the loss of students lives.

Nwala Thierry also condemned the alleged murder of student by members of Nigeria Police Force during the protest.

Nwala Thierry described the alleged murder as unwarranted and wicked. He said that the innocent students were just exercising the rights when they met their deaths in the hands of Nigeria Police.

Nwala Thierry stated that the job of the Police is to protect lives and properties and not taking students lives. The SA Mobilization National Association of Nigerian students NANS also said that the national body of NANS will move its headquarters to Port Harcourt over the recent death of students.

Thierry noted that NANS will not let go of the injustice meted against students.

In the same vein, NANS Presidential Aspirant Comrade Yamaabana Legborsi called on the Rivers State Police Command to set up a panel of inquiry to investigate and fish out the police officer that killed the student.

He also appealed to students to remain calm in the face of provocation by the management of University of Port Harcourt.

” I am using this medium to call on Rivers State Police Command and Rivers State Goverment to set up a panel that will launch full scale investigation to fish out the police officers responsible for this act and bring him to justice”.

”I call on Nigerian students to be peaceful in the face of this prevailing provaction by the management of the University of Port Harcourt and the Nigerian Police as  I am certain, NANS will ensure justice for this devilish act.

Also speaking, the New Rivers Vision Students has also joined in condemning the death of UNIPORT students during the Monday’s protest.

The Coordinator of New Rivers Vision Students Chimzi Ihunwo said the student body was pained by the death of their colleagues.

Chimzi Ihunwo said that the brutal murder of students by men of Nigeria Police was barbaric and wicked.

The New Rivers Vision Coordinator also called on the Nigeria Police to tender an unreserved apology for the families of the deceased students and also prosecute the perpetrators of the act.

He said that failure to do so will attract a legal action by the student body. He revealed that New Rivers Vision student will use different democratic channel to get justice for the deceased students and their families. Chimzi Ihunwo stated that students will not continue to suffer at the hands of security personnel’s.

The New Rivers Vision Student Coordinator also take a swipe on the management of the Institution for their role during the student protest. He noted that UNIPORT Management should be called to order.