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Caitlyn Jenner Is Considering Transitioning Back To A Man


Caitlyn Jenner has admitted she’s still unsure whether to go through gender reassignment surgery.

The 66-year-old revealed last year that she is transgender and is transitioning from male to female but has admitted that she has been having doubts about the operation.

In a clip for her E! TV show, I Am Cait, the reality star said: “The last six months of my life have been really enlightening. But one thing I’m really not comfortable with is this issue of gender confirmation surgery.”

Caitlyn previously admitted that leaving Bruce Jenner behind was difficult.

The transgender reality TV star was known as Bruce before her gender transition and said that while embracing her true self has been liberating, it hasn’t always been easy.

She said: “Bruce was a good person who did a lot of good in his life, who had an absolutely amazing life, with wonderful children.

“When you get name changed, gender marker changed, all that kind of stuff, you know it’s the right thing to do in your heart but sometimes I did feel like I was throwing him out. And that was tough.

“It was time for this woman that’s lived inside me; it’s a chance for her to live. Let’s see what she can do with her life”.

Caitlyn also admitted that she “downplayed” her desire to transition to her former wife Kris Jenner.

She said: “I thought I was probably very honest with her at the beginning. Now did I probably downplay it? Absolutely. Did I ever think eventually it would come to where I am today? No. But we had 23 great years together, and she’s a great person.”


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