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The Spring is here: Britain set to enjoy a full week of high temperatures and sun


THE brief cold snap that took Britain by storm ended early this morning as many parts of the nation woke up to sunshine and spring weather, which is forecast to continue throughout the week.

Today many regions in England and Wales welcomed long spells of much-awaited sunshine, while Scotland and Northern Ireland remained cold, but largely dry.

And weather experts say the mild weather will last throughout the week, with temperatures soaring to 16C in London on Wednesday, when the far north can also expect temperatures in the low teens as a short spell of gale-force wind passes.

Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell announced it would be a “dry, settled middle of the week.”

He revealed: “Today it has been fairly quiet. After a cold start this morning, many parts of England and Wales have seen some good spells of sunshine.

“Northern Ireland and Scotland had quite a bit of cold heading southeast, so it’s been a bit of a grey day up there.

“We’re seeing a few places get up to about 11C, 12C. For example, Charlwood, by Gatwick, which has reached 11.6C.

“Many parts of southeast England have, after that cold start, got up to 10C or 12C far north even in the Midlands – it is [currently] 12C in Birmingham.”

Though there is expected to be a “touch of frost” this evening, the cold spell will be limited to southeast England as the cold weather in the north shifts.

According to Mr Snell, tomorrow morning will be mild, though many parts of the country can expect clouds and Orkney and Shetland will experience gale-force winds.

He said: “The exception though is down to the southeast corner where it will be a sunny start [but] it will begin to brighten up towards the afternoon.”

And Mr Snell told how the sun will persist into the week thanks to a high pressure system that will mean Britain sees low levels of rainfall and high temperatures of up to 16C.

“Even up to Scotland we’ll see figures climbing into the low teens.

“Many places will see some good spells of sunshine. All in all it’s quite a dry, settled middle of the week, at night it will be chilly but not as chilly as we’ve seen the past few days.”

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