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Malaria deaths rise in Angola


The World Health Organisation said deaths from malaria in Angola this year has outstrip 2015 crisis.

It said on Tuesday in Luanda that it has become another health crisis like yellow fever outbreaks in decades.

Hernando Ospina, WHO’s Angola Representative, said the Country recorded 2,915 deaths from malaria in the first quarter of this year, compared with 8,000 for the whole of 2015 and 5,500 the previous year.

“This new malaria outbreak has devastated the entire country, even in provinces that have low endemic prevalence we are seeing the spread and surge in cases.

Ospina said uncollected garbage in Luanda due to government budget cuts and a record amount of rainfall had contributed to high cases of malaria, yellow fever and chronic diarrhoea.

He noted that two weeks ago yellow fever outbreak killed not fewer than 225 people in Angola and 21 in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ospina warned that the epidemic poses a global threat.