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Aero boots out 100 workers


Though the distressed company claims it only reviewed its contract with it consultant, there are indications that Aero Contractors may have given the sack to about 100 workers in its employ.

Public Relations public consultants, for the company, SY& T said in a statement, that the company has reviewed its contract with the out sourcing firm: SBL.

But sources insist that many of the airline’s support staff who have been under its employ for some years were sacked.

The statement from the airline consultants, reads in part that “In the course of reorganizing and repositioning its business, Aero Contractors has reviewed its relationship with Skyborne by cutting down some of the serves required from the company. This will help the company to invest more resources to enhance customer service. For the record Aero has not sacked any of its staff.”

A source revealed that some departments and workers were outsourced by the management, stressing that since the airline no longer required their services, it was pertinent for them to be relieved of their jobs, insisting that no staff of the airline was affected by the management decision.

The source said that the reduction in staff cut across all the departments in the company and equally confirmed that over 100 personnel were affected by the decision.


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