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Ten Shocking Revelations Tiwa Savage Made In Video Interview On Tee Billz Failed Marriage


We broke the news earlier that Tiwa Savage has filed for divorce and that her relationship with Tee Billz whose real name is Tunji Balogun is officially over and beyond reconciliation.

In an exclusive interview with ThisDay’s Azuka Ogujiuba which was obtained by Pulse TV, Tiwa Savage said her marriage is past the point of fixing.

Here are ten other shocking revelations she made:

  1. EFCC is after Tee Billz for N45 million owed to creditors. Tiwa is in fear that the creditors may try to kidnap her or her baby. She also revealed he has a cocaine habit.
  2. She had a lot of blood loss whilst pregnant with their second child resulting in a miscarriage during a working trip to Jamaica, to shoot a video; she sent her husband photos of the incident, yet she claims he was in a hotel with another woman
  3. She snooped on Tee Billz phones and discovered secret late night rendezvous her husband had with other women
  4. She alleges her husband has not paid a single dime in upkeep for her son Jamal since he was born
  5. She fought hard to make the marriage work, and to keep up appearances so that Tunji would feel like a man
  6. She took Tunji shopping and said she had to pay for everything, because her husband would not provide for the family, however he had money to take women to hotels
  7. She hired a chef because of her schedule but she also made sure she cooked occasionally for her husband. She said even if she didn’t cook for him, what he puts her through did not encourage her. She said he would come home drunk, angry oftentimes as late as 2pm the next day.
  8. Her husband would have mood swings, and that his coming home late would make her worry for his safety.
  9. Tee Billz was scamming her earnings, booking her for shows and taking her fees, without submitting the earnings to her business account, but into his personal account. He was also under declaring her revenue, booking shows for N4.5 million and fraudulently stating N3 million. After the fraud, Tee Billz would still try to take his management fee. Tiwa said Tee Billz was stealing from her for a long time on top of the 40% of her earnings he usually collects on management fee.
  10. Tee Billz emotional outburst on Instagram was mostly lies concocted to make the public feel sorry for him and direct their anger at Tiwa. She said she has never slept with any of the artists Tee Billz accused her of sleeping, after this she became emotional and burst into tears.