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Clean environment promotes healthy living – Banigo


Rivers State Deputy Governor Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Harry Banigo has identified cleanliness of the environment as an important tool to promote healthy living.

The Deputy Governor stated this when she led the staff of the Deputy Governor’s Office on a General Sanitation Exercise on Friday 26th July 2019 at the Government House in Port Harcourt.

According to Dr. Banigo, the monthly sanitation exercise being carried out in the Deputy Governor’s Office is in consonance with Governor Wike’s directive for monthly sanitation to be restored in the State, noting that we must make sure our environment is clean to work happier and healthier for the progress and development of Rivers State.

“We want to encourage our people to regularly undertake environmental sanitation because the environment is key to our health, development, and progress; we need to take care of our environment at every point in time, in our homes, offices, markets communities, and street”. She further stressed.

Dr. Banigo who frowned at a situation where people build indiscriminately over drains, said “in the rainy season we have lots of rainfall but the water is not flowing, not because the drains are not working or Government has not provided drains but because the drains are blocked with garbage, plastics, food materials, corn-curb and all sorts of things making it impossible for the water to flow.”

She commended members of her staff for the enthusiasm displayed during the exercise and asked them to key into the State-Wide Sanitation Exercise slated for Saturday 27th July 2019 in their various homes.

“You can see my staff are all busy working even the security men who are not on duty decided to come in mufti to engage in this exercise today” the Deputy Governor quipped.