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Vandrezzer fc will rebrand Nigerian football- Club Official


Ugochukwu Iwuchukwu

The Nigeria National League side Vandrezzer fc of Uyo says they will make Nigerian league very attractive and entertaining for fans to enjoy the league.

The Vice President of Vandrezzer fc of Uyo Bruno Tupere said this in Port Harcourt ahead of their tour to Rivers State.

The club is expected to play different club-sides in Rivers state during their tour of the state.

The team will play Go Round fc of Omoku in a friendly game on Saturday.

Speaking to journalists during a media briefing in Port Harcourt, the Vice President of Vandrezzer fc Bruno Tupere said the club will make football very entertaining and attractive for fans to enjoy.

”This is just the beginning, it’s going to only get better because we took a culture decision that we needed to change the face of Nigerian football. And we are really too serious in things we do, we need to loosen up a little bit as Nigerians because we can’t quantify the value of the peace we get just coming to watch football”.

”It may seem like it’s under the sun, but for the two hours you spend there in any Vandrezzer match you go home happier and less stressful. We want to bring back that culture of making football a family event. When I was much younger, my father used to take to watch football, no father carries his child to the stadium anymore due to insecurity. But with the culture of creating security at the stadium and ensuring that people come and have fun any time they watch Vandrezzer matches. And when we get that you will find out that fans will come back to the stadium. And if they do, it will be a win-win for Nigerian football” he said.

The Vice President of Vandrezzer fc Bruno Tupere assured Port Harcourt fans that many side attractions will be available to entertain fans at the stadium.