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Electoral bill amendment. We have been vindicated – Princewill

Tonye Princewill
Former Governorship Aspirant in Rivers State Tonye Princewill says the APC has been vindicated after President Muhammadu Buhari signed the amended electoral bill into law.
President Muhammadu Buhari had on Friday 25th February 2022 signed the Amended Electoral Bill into Law after Civil Society Organizations CSO’s mounted pressure on the President to sign the bill into law.
However, Tonye Princewill will briefing newsmen described the President as a true democrat for signing the bill into law.
He said the Electoral Act will strengthen Nigerian’s electoral system.
”If I was to say I told you so, I would be suggesting I knew for a face beforehand that the President would sign the bill. What I knew was the President had the interest of Nigerians at heart and he was keen on putting in place a more significant improvement on how we conducted elections when compared to what he met in 2015. With the signing of this bill, he has done that”.
”Two observations come to mind. One, the election date will have to be shifted to meet the clause that has imposed on INEC a 360-day timeline to announce the date of elections to the office of President. The other implication is public office holders will have to resign before they contest a primary”.
”That is in contravention with the constitution, as the President has pointed out, so either the lawmakers will amend it or candidates will go to court to challenge it if they are denied the privilege of contesting an election on the grounds that they have not resigned. That leaves it in the hands of the Supreme Court and my money is on the side of public office holders to win if the National Assembly refuses to heed the advice of their President”.
”But make no mistake, this is a historic day in the affairs of our politics. Our Political parties would now be best advised to only choose candidates who are popular with their people. Otherwise, Nigerians will do it for them” he said.
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