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Wike has abandoned oil bearing communities in Rivers State-Anabs Sara-Igbe


Desmond Iwuchukwu

An Elder Statesman Anabs Sara-Igbe says Rivers State Government has failed oil-producing areas in the state despite receiving a huge amount of money from the 13th percent derivation.

Anabs Sara-Igbe while speaking to newsmen in Port Harcourt said the oil-bearing communities have not felt the impact of the 13th percent derivation.

He said the State Government is spending the money meant for oil communities as his own personal fund.

”The 13 percent derivation did not just come on its own. Leaders fought for it and today we expected that, that 13 percent would have been able to address the problems of oil-bearing communities but rather than that we’re still living in squalors”.

”Most of the oil-bearing communities are living in squalors, no schools, no hospitals, no road, no jetty in some cases where is riverine, there are no amenities in those areas, yet Rivers State Government is dishing out billions of naira to states that are still collecting money from the federal government. The monies are not used to address these problems of oil-bearing communities and that is why we continue to have agitations, that is why we continue to see all kinds of activities that are not good for the economy and the environment” he said.

The former Spokesperson of PANDEF Anabs Sara-Igbe also called for the amendment of Section 162 sub-section two of the constitution concerning the 13th percent derivation.

He alleged that State Governors will continue to mismanage funds meant for oil-bearing communities until the amendment of that section of the constitution.

Anabs Sara-Igbe further alleged that the State Government focuses all his developmental projects in Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor Local Government Areas.

In the meantime, former Commissioner for Energy and Natural Resources in Rivers, Dr. Peter Medee says Governor Nyesom Wike has utilized the 13th percent derivation effectively in the state.

Dr. Peter Medee while reacting to the allegations made by Anabs Sara-Igbe said Governor Nyesom Wike used the oil funds judiciously with the execution of various projects across the state.

Dr. Peter Medee also asked the former Spokesperson of PANDEF to stop politicizing his agitation.

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