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Focus on your future-Tonye Princewill tells rivers voters

Tonye Princewill

Dear Rivers people,

I have been quiet for a while, dealing with my own personal issues and focusing on my business. I did not want to bother you, especially at this time. Let us get past the election, and then by His grace, we can all get back to normal, and resume our usual conversations.

For those of you who know, you know that an election cannot come and go, without a word from me. My job is to advise you on what I feel is the best path for you and I to take. What you do with it, is out of my hands.

Let me repeat what I have said at several fora, this particular election is not about the party, It is about the candidates. Even your INEC doesn’t see parties. It’s about money. Today the leadership might have helped APC. Tomorrow the same leadership will help PDP. The common factor between today and tomorrow remains Money.

Those who joined forces to abuse APC are the same people who have done the unthinkable for the same APC, To protect their interest, not to protect yours. So let’s put the party to one side. On Saturday we are not voting for party, we are voting for candidates, And there are only two candidates when it comes to means and methods. Sim Fubara and the rest.

Sim is old-school politics. No time to campaign. No time to debate. If it has been difficult to see and hear him before the election, then you should consider yourself lucky to see or hear him after the election. Since Sim Fubara is not your candidate, we all have to unite behind just one of the others to face him, not scatter our votes everywhere. Playing politics is wisdom, not emotion.

My choice is Tonye Cole. He is the one who knows how to create jobs for our youths. Have no fear. He will not disappoint you. If he disappoints you, then hold me, Prince Tonye T.J.T. Princewill responsible. This man I can vouch for. We can not keep doing the same thing and expect different results. This time we must vote and wait for our votes to count until they are announced.

Boma Erekosinma talk say advice no be curse. United we stand. Divided we fall. This is in no way stating or implying that the other opposition candidates are not good. Many of them are, but multiple candidates are a distraction. A vote for them brings the Brick House closer to Sim Fubara.

My advice for the Presidential election is now repeating itself at the state level. Here the Labour Party, the APC, and others are all taking votes from each other, while PDP is focused on their plan to do what they usually do. If you let them, do not blame me. As our people say, “Head wey no wan think go carry the load.”

Whoever wins, I, Prince Tonye Princewill will be fine.
My concern is about you, your family, your siblings, your parents, your children, your friends, and associates.
Will they be fine?

Be bold, for the sake of your children and your future. Do what is right. Forget the money and focus on your future. Open eye, see wetin dey. Let us utilize this opportunity to elect Tonye Cole so that the world can come to our door. But in all things, avoid destroying our state. We only have one. Let there be life after the election. Please.

Prince Tonye T.J.T Princewill

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