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Flutterwave remittance solution gains key approval in Kenya


The utilization of its remittance solution, which was recently re-launched as SendApp by Flutterwave, has increased by an astounding 23 times, according to Flutterwave, the continent’s top provider of payment technology.

This comes after a previous re-launch of the remittance service, which added new recipient nations like Egypt and Senegal while still supporting payments from the US and Canada.

This record was followed by other noteworthy achievements, such as receiving first-name approval in Kenya.

The first step toward obtaining authorization to operate in Kenya, a significant African market, has been approved by the firm.

This was revealed on Monday, August 21, 2023, in an exclusive interview with Bloomberg in London by the company’s founder and CEO, Olugbenga “GB” Agboola.

The approval represents a critical step in the company’s plans to extend to all of Africa, especially in light of the fact that Flutterwave announced its entry into the Middle East and Africa through operational licenses in Egypt earlier in February.

Agboola also confirmed the firm’s determination to move forward with its IPO ambitions.

The major, international clients who require you to have the same level of compliance and global perspective as they do are the kind of customers we’ll draw when we go public, he said.

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