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With the cost of tutoring sky rocketing day by day and the book shelves in stores filled with so many educational resources, it is hard to know which precise books or tutoring materials will be beneficiary in enhancing children’s understanding and problem solving abilities from an early age.

First, start with parent tutoringso you know your child’s subject weakness and why,do your research on the right books that teaches the key techniques in those subjects instead of them ‘cramming’ a narrow set of skills provided to them by their tutors.

Remember no tutor has the magic wand to turn your child into a genius but if you start them with the right learning books from an early age you save yourself the hassle and cost of hiring a tutor till a later stage in their education when preparing for exams in key subjects.
The good news is our team at Learning tools have liaised with Parents and expert UK tutors for their advice on the right early learning books and materials currently being used by them for home studies and exam preparation. These books have helped secure their children into top Secondary Schools such as Haberdashers’ Aske, Queen Elizabeth’s School and Henrietta Barnett in the UK. If need be the books can be provided to your child’s tutor to support their lessons. For more information please visit our website.
We have compiled a list of these recommended Books alongside ourFREE Creative WritingLiteraryPractice Sheets, Verbal Practice, Vocabulary Practice sheet, Creative Writing overused words to avoid using in an exam and a link to the most sought after Comprehension papers which comes with examiner guided answers andmarking schemes being used by 11+ tutors(if not convinced view Amazon reviews on these Comprehension papers before purchase)
Our subject focus areas are:Spelling, Reading,Comprehension, Vocabulary, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning,Creative Writing and Maths .We aim to enhance your child’s early learning skills with the right target books selected by expert in the field.
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