Home Politics ‘It would be difficult for an Igbo to be Nigeria’s President’

‘It would be difficult for an Igbo to be Nigeria’s President’


National Chairman of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, Chief Victor Oye, has called on Ndigbo to embrace the party, stressing that APGA remains the only hope for the political emancipation of Ndigbo in Nigeria.

He reminded Ndigbo that they have been relegated to the background in the politics of Nigeria and called on the people to speak with one accord as well as take decisions which would improve the fortunes of the South East in the nation’s political equation.

Oye who stated this while addressing party faithful in Aba, said APGA offers the best political option for Ndigbo to actualize her dream of producing a Nigerian President than other political parties.

He said, “Ndigbo should know that charity begins at home. If all Igbo people are APGA, how will anybody steal our votes? We don’t vote in one direction, that why there is confusion.

If all of us vote APGA, it will be difficult for anybody to rig elections in the South East. APGA is the party for Ndigbo. Unless we start from home and win the five South East states for APGA, we won’t make any progress.

Every Igbo man should know that Ndigbo are nowhere in Nigeria’s political equation. “Ndigbo should have produced the Senate President, but we failed to put our acts together and the position went to the minority.

Ndigbo should shine their eyes. Unless Ndigbo wins the five South East state for APGA, it would be difficult for an Igbo to emerge Nigerian President. 2019 is another election year. We must get things right.”

The National Chairman maintained that APGA has continued to wax stronger in all nooks and crannies of the country and vowed that the party would control the South East zone in 2019. “We came to office in June 2015 and since then; APGA has spread to every nook and cranny of the country.

In Bayelsa state, we have two State House of Assembly seats. In Taraba, we have one Assembly seat and one House of Representatives seat. In Anambra, we have 28 out of 30 seats.

In Abia state, it should have been 24 out of 24, but they stole it and left 11 for APGA. In Niger state, we have seven elected councilors. In 2019, all the states in the South East will be controlled by APGA.”