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Finally: Nigerian Army Reveals Locations Of Kidnapped Chibok Girls

The Nigerian army narrows down location of the Chibok girls to two sites: Sambisa Forest, Chad-Niger Border

CNN reports that Maj-Gen. Leo Irabor, the commander of the Operation Lafia Dole said credible army intelligence shows that missing girls are still being held in a notorious stronghold of the Boko Haram Sambisa forest and as well as a location close to the Chad-Niger border.

“We think, from the intelligence available to us, that the remaining areas that we are working to move into, that is where we are hoping to be able to rescue the Chibok girls,” he said.

Irabor expressed belief that following a two-year-old trail the Chibok girls are now being moved in groups so as not to attract unwanted attention.

He clarifies that while his forces advance on the Sambisa forest, they are also running down other leads on the location of the Chibok girls.

In the same vein, director of public relations and information of the Air Force, Ayodele Famuyiwa, revealed that the army had discovered the location of the girls but that the areas cannot be attacked for the safety of the captives.

“We have no fears that the girls are not there because that particular location has been under surveillance for quite a while and we suspect that maybe it’s a kind of ammunition depot or maybe a workshop that they are using as their logistics place.”