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2023 Governorship race: I’m still consulting-Tonye Princewill

Tonye Princewill

Former Governorship Aspirant in Rivers State Tonye Princewill says he has not made up his mind whether to join the Governorship race in Rivers State come 2023.

Tonye Princewill in a chat with newsmen said he is still consulting with stakeholders over the issue and will make his intention known after consultations.

The APC Chieftain said he will declare for the Governorship race when his supporters give him the nod.

He said his intention in politics is to bring change to society.

”The summary answer would have been yes to all of the above, except the decision to run for Governor of Rivers state. That decision I will like to reserve for after I complete my own consultations, which I will soon begin. I think it was John Maxwell that said, He who thinks he leads but has no followers, is only taking a walk.”

”I’ve always maintained that for me to run for office, the people I’m fighting for have to be ready to run as well. My primary constituencies are women and youths. The old and the disabled. Those who are the most vulnerable. If they don’t support my running, then there is no point. Because I’m here to bring change or nothing at all. Status quo politics is not for me. If the support is there, I will run, if it is not, I will continue to touch lives from the sidelines. It is not by force that I must be a Governor. I already feel like one”.

Tonye Princewill also said that he is determined to equip the youths with the necessary skills they need to become independent in life.

He said he would transform the narratives by changing the mindset of the youths and turning them into entrepreneurs and employers of labour.

”Because my people are all suffering. Not just from lack of knowledge, but from lack. Plain and simple. They are standing in water and yet soap is still entering their eyes. I want to show them how easy it is to make things better and why it doesn’t have to be this way. How can I know how to give my people a better option in life and not want to then do so? Many people focus on getting themselves out of poverty. I don’t need to, and my children have been given the tools to take care of poverty eradication by themselves. That’s why my focus is on others” he said.

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