Home Politics Dame Judith Amaechi bags Peace and Humanitarian Service Award

Dame Judith Amaechi bags Peace and Humanitarian Service Award

Judith Amechi

……….says equal opportunities will end Social Injustice in Nigeria

The Wife of the Minister for Transportation, Dame Judith Amaechi has called on the proactive adoption of inclusive and equal opportunities in Nigeria as means of addressing social injustice in the country.

Dame Judith Amaechi said this while delivering a lecture put together by stakeholders summit on social justice to commemorate the world social justice day in Abuja.

February 20 is acknowledged annually by the united nations as the World Day for Social Justice and the theme for 2022 is” Achieving social justice through formal employment”

Mrs. Amaechi during the event in Abuja said stakeholders must be intentional in adopting education and empowerment in addressing moral decades, insecurity, and unemployment among youths.

According to her .” We adopted education as a strategy during the wake of militancy in the Niger Delta, providing tuition-free kindergarten education and provided employment, NGO like ESI  should be encouraged to complement government effort in this regard”.

She stated that Nigeria will be a better place if citizens are provided equal opportunities to thrive.

Mrs. Amaechi frowned at parents who abdicate their responsibility to their family in search of material benefit said such negligence is already eroding family morals and values ” we Watch and listen to stories of our children involved in all manner of illicit activities just for material benefit, we must wake up to our responsibility to our children”.

She further enjoined Nigerian youths to acquire vocation and skill set in line with the challenges of  technology and digitalization to remain relevant in the workplace, “our youths should understand the challenges of time, covid 19 and technology have changed business model, affecting employment and employability, we must retool ourselves digitally to remain relevance in the workplace”

Dame Amaechi also received the Peace and Humanitarian Service Award in honour of her humanitarian activities through her Non -Governmental organization, Empowerment Support Initiative ESI.